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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Of Installation and / or Maintenance Works

This document will tell you everything you need to know about how we deal with each other when we carry out installation work in your home. If you have any questions, please let us know before you accept the quote by calling 0161 439 1400, or by emailing us at:

We are always here to listen to any of your comments or concerns 

  1. We will carry out the work set out on your quote for the price that is stated under the following terms and conditions.
  2. Your quote is valid for 28 days and we must begin the work within 90 days of your acceptance. After this time your quote will no longer be valid and you will need to ask us for a new quotation.
  3. All products, parts and goods supplied by Modern Stoves remain the property of Modern Stoves until they are paid for in full. You will not own any goods or products supplied by Modern Stoves until payment has been made in full, for the entire installation, (including labour), as per our quotation. We reserve the right to remove any products that have not been paid for.
  4. Our normal working hours and working days are between 9.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public and other statutory holidays). We are only able to carry out installation work during daylight hours. If you wish us to work outside of these hours, it may be necessary for us to make additional charges which we will agree with you in advance in writing.:
  5. We will carry out all planning and installation works with all reasonable skill and care and in accordance with: All necessary regulatory standards for the relevant works; and the requirement of any relevant planning permissions and building regulations requirements which have been provided to us.
  1. If you are a tenant, you will need your landlord’s permission before you can allow us to start the work, and we may need you to give us evidence that you have got this permission. If we carry out work at the landlord’s property and you have not got permission or have given us false or inaccurate information, you will compensate us for any losses we suffer because of your failure to obtain your landlord’s permission.
  2. If your property is a listed building, it is your responsibility to make sure that you obtain any permission you need before we start the work, and we will need evidence from you that you have got this permission. If you do not obtain the permission you need, you may be prosecuted in the criminal courts. We will not be able to start any work if you have not got the appropriate planning permission or if you are unable to give us evidence that you have this permission. If we carry out work at your property and you have given us false or inaccurate information, you will compensate us for any losses we suffer because of your failure to obtain the permission you needed, which may include court fines and penalties.
  3. Modern Stoves carries out all installations within the parameters of part J of building regulations. We do not accept any liability, or make any assurances with regards to the suitability of a stove, flue pipe or hearth within its application.
  4. We will agree access arrangements with you before starting any installation works. You must ensure that we have adequate and, if necessary uninterrupted access to all appropriate internal and external areas of your property at all times whilst we are carrying out the installation works.
  5. You must ensure that there is an adequate supply of water and electricity to your property, which can be accessed by us, free of charge, whilst we carry out the installation works. We have the right, should we wish, to cancel this agreement at no cost to us if the supply is not adequate. If we have already supplied you with services and/or goods at the time we exercise this right, you will be liable to pay us for any such services and/or goods provided up to and including the time of cancellation.
  6. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your property provides a reasonably safe environment for our staff to carry out the installation works. We reserve the right not commence, or to suspend, or to terminate any visit to your property in the event that we reasonable consider that there is a serious risk threat to the safety of our staff. We reserve the right to charge you an amount which represents a fair and reasonable charge to cover any costs (including administration costs and/or the costs of any goods and/or services already received) which we have incurred due to the suspension or stopping of the installation works in these circumstances.
  7. You must tell us of any pets, children under 16 or person(s) suffering from asthma or any other respiratory or dust related illness, reside at your property (or may be at the property whilst the installation works is carried out), and make provisions for them to be away from the property during the installation works.
  8. If you wish to vary the specification of the installation works detailed in the quotation, or if we find during the installation that additional work is necessary (but only where additional work could not have reasonably been identified by us in advance), we may agree with you in writing to amend the price. We will obtain your advance agreement to any such proposed price and amendment. We will provide you with an explanation as to why and how the additional costs have occurred. If the installation is in progress during the discovery of additional works, all installation work will cease until an agreement has been reached between both parties. This will include any additional work and/or parts which must be provided as a result of any inaccurate measurements you may have provided of your property.
  9. The price we quote does not include the cost of removing any dangerous waste materials, such as asbestos, that we could not reasonably identify when we gave you your quote. You can call a specialist contractor to remove these dangerous materials. When asbestos is removed you will need to produce a ‘site clearance for reoccupation’ certificate, which you can obtain from the asbestos removal company, before we can continue to work at your property.
  10. We will agree an installation date with you that is acceptable to you. Any time frames we give you are our best estimates and we will do what we can to keep to those time frames. However, we cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Where there are likely to be delays we will let you know as soon as possible and agree new time frames with you. Any further man hours needed outside those quoted for, will be chargeable at the pre-quoted rate.
  11. We will re-confirm the installation date with you at least 24 hours before the appointment date and time. If we are unable to gain access to your home at the appointment time which we have re-confirmed with you, we will charge you a missed appointment fee of £50.00 to cover our reasonable administrative costs and other costs arriving from the missed appointment. We will make two attempts by telephone and one further attempt by email to arrange an alternative appointment. If you do not respond within 10 working days of the date of the email, we will be under no further obligation to attempt to contact you, or to provide any services to you under this agreement.
  12. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice before the agreed appointment time, or if you do not provide us with adequate access to all appropriate areas of your property during an appointment (including the removal of any furniture necessary), a missed appointment fee of £50.00 will be charged.
  13. If we have notified you that building work or other preparatory work is required in advance of the installation works (including covering or moving your possessions), you must ensure that this is completed before the agreed appointment time. You must take care to make sure that all expensive, collectible, and items which require lifting by more than one individual, are removed. Unless caused by our own negligence, we will have no liability for any damage caused by your failure to carry out such preparatory work.
  14. We will take care to carry out the work without causing damage to your property. While we will make good any unnecessary damage caused directly by our negligence, you accept that the installation works may cause damage to finishing’s, both internally (including plasterwork) and externally (including drilling holes through external walls), and that certain areas may need redecoration (including re-plastering) following the completion of installation works. We will make good any holes drilled through external walls, but re-decorations will be your responsibility and is not included in the quotation.

20.. Installation warranties: We warrant that our works will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months from the date of the installation.

Our warranty and the manufacturer’s warranties do not include and may be invalidated by:

Repairs and alterations undertaken by you, or third parties without our written consent or the written consent of the manufacturer.

Unsuitable or inappropriate use by you or third parties (not including us); or

Normal operating wear and tear or any damage, defect or deterioration due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control (for example lightning strikes or other extreme weather conditions including extreme hail stones).

  1. Notice of the Right to CancelYou are entitled to cancel this agreement. If you are thinking about cancelling, please call 0161 439 6568. If you wish to cancel, you must do this in writing and must send it by recorded delivery to Modern Stoves. Unit 5 Longfield Business Park, Hall Moss Lane, Bramhall. Stockport. SK7 1RB or by email to within seven days starting from the date you sign the quote.

If you cancel this contract after the seven-day period, we may have to keep some of your payment to cover our reasonable costs. We will try to keep these costs to a minimum.

  1. All work carried out by our staff is chargeable by us. Under no circumstances should ask our staff to carry out additional work that is not charged by us. If for any reason we are made aware of any of our staff carrying out any additional work for you whether in the initial capacity (such as stove installation) or not, this will be chargeable to you by us at our current daily rate. If we are made aware that you have asked our staff to carry out any work not charged by us, we reserve the right to cancel/cease your installation and all goods and/or services provided up to and including the cancellation time will be charged.
  1. Your quote, together with these terms and conditions, sets out the entire agreement between you and us. Nobody else will be able to benefit from this agreement. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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